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Volta region : Water shortage hits Ho

Volta region : Water shortage hits Ho Featured

The Ho Municipality has been hit by water shortage close to seven days caused by a broken-down transmission line at Akrofu in the Ho West District.

The residents have been advised to brace themselves for an extended period of the water shortage.

The Volta Regional Director of the Ghana Water Company Limited, Joseph Nkrumah in an interview with Citi FM said the problem will take some days to fix. 

"there is a shortage of supply to the Ho Municipality, and it was to do with a pipeline that supplies water from Bame reservoir the Ho high-pressure zone reservoir at Akrofu a village along the route of the pipeline, there is a river very wide and unfortunately the waves wash away the support of the pipeline which is 20 inch iron pipeline so at the moment we cannot pump, all the water goes into the river, we've managed to get some of the pipes from Cape Coast which is on it way coming, as soon as they arrive we will quickly move to site and work on it, we are hopeful that the next one or two days people should start receiving water.."

Water shortage may hit some parts of Ghana as GWCL is unsatisfied with new tariff

Ghana Water Company Limited has described the new water tariff announced by the Public Utility Regulatory Commission, PURC as unsatisfactory.

According to the Ghana Water Company, it will be difficult for them to deliver on their mandate as they need more funds to run their facilities across the country.

Speaking to Joy FM after the announcement of the new water tariff, Director of Communications at the Ghana Water Company Stanley Martey said, " We have requested for a higher percentage, management is going to meet and then we see what to do but in the interim electricity have been given 11% rise and we have been given 8% now 44% of our expenditure is on electricity so you can imagine the impact on the Ghana Water Company so is a situation where it will be a bit difficult for us and you also know that we have some reduction not long ago."



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